Smooch Larue

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  • Added in October 9, 2013
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Look at this gorgeous girlie! Smooch Larue is about 3 years old and is believed to be a Bulldog x Pit Bull. Smooch Larue was used her whole life for puppies which is painfully obvious. She’s getting healthier by the day in her wonderful foster home which includes three Pits, and a foster mom who does pack walks everyday with many other dogs that Smooch loves to play momma to. Smooch prefers a home without cats and needs proper introductions with the little dogs too.

Here’s the write up from her foster mom;

As I am writing this I have a little tear streaming down my face as I know Smooches will be gone from my home in no time, as she is one amazing dog. She has nestled her way into my heart with that big smile and those gentle kisses. She would make a perfect addition to any family! Did I mention she loves kids? If you want a dog that greets you at the door with a wiggly butt and a smile that lights up the room, then Smooches is the pup for you. If you want a dog that loves everyone she meets, then Smooches is for you! She is great with big dogs and with proper introduction to small dogs, she will play with her big lips flopping in the wind. And, she loves puppies! Once a mother always a mother.
She has assumed the role of mother in my pack, she will clean Lola, Charlie and Cuda till they are soaked, and we must not forget their ears. I don’t think my dogs have ever had that clean of ears since Smooches has been here! I cant say enough good things about this girl. Those soulful eyes could melt any heart. With her calm demeanor, and her love of attention, she would make a great addition to any home and I could even see her as a therapy dog giving and receiving smooch after smooch

Nickname(s): Smooches
Cats: No
Small dogs: Yes
Kids: Yes
Weight: 60 lbs

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