Punkys been waiting…way too long!

Our gorgeous little Punkster is feeling and looking so much better.

She is loving life in her foster home. She has doggy friends, loves to chew bones, thinks snuggling on the couch is amazing, and loves having playdates with kids. What Punky is missing is a family to call her own. This awesome girl has been through so much, I think its time she finally knows what it’s like to have her very own family to love her. Don’t you?

Punky came into PPBR back on July 30 2012. She was rescued off a reserve during a spay/neuter clinic. Punky had the worst case of Demodex mange we had ever seen. She was in so much pain, had very little hair, was full of infection, and was starved. These are the first two pictures we took of her.

 punkybefore3  Punkybefore

After seeing our vet and getting on some medication, Punky slowly started to look better. She still had a long road ahead of her though. Finally she was in from the cold, had regular meals, and a foster family to love her!

 Punky  Punkybath

Over a few months Punky continued to show improvement and was obviously much happier.


She even started to do ‘tricks’

At Christmas, ‘Santa’ brought Punky some of her favorite toys!

Now, almost 8 months after she was rescued, Punky is looking and feeling almost 100%. She is the sweetest little girl, that loves to be around people. She is very respectful and just wants to bed to lay on. Punky even made some new friends!

Oh and did I mention that she LOOOOOOOVES kids?!

Punky is ready to take the next step into a forever home! Please consider adopting her, she is such a great girl. Full of life and snuggles and will keep you laughing every single day!

Punk  Punk2  Punky&Tazzy

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4 Comments to “Punkys been waiting…way too long!”

  1. Bernadette says:

    We love prairie pitbull rescue and have had navi for almost 1 year. Keep up rescue pitbull heros and share more info on these dogs.

  2. Anne Clayton says:

    What a lovely story about Punky’s recovery. I do hope she finds a home soon, and is as happy as our two Prairie Pitbull Rescue alumnae, Prada and Yager.

  3. jayde says:

    aww! I think it is amazing what you do for these wonderful dogs! I love the pitbull breed and I am thinking of adopting one for me to call my own.

  4. Ryan says:

    What a fantasitc story! Punky I would take you home in a hearbeat if I had enough room! I already have two rescues of my own, and I have fallen in love with the breed. I am following your story Punky and hope to see you in a forever home soon enough! Be patient girl your time will come!!!

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