Momma Twig

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  • Added in November 16, 2013
  • Modified in January 14, 2014

How beautiful is she?! Momma Twig is about 9 years old and has had a tough life but is loving life in her foster home. Here’s what her foster mom has to say about her.

“I’d like to Thank Prairie Pitbull Rescue for the opportunity to foster Momma Twig. She is such a delight and is very sweet and funny. Momma Twig is so calm and relaxed that there are times when both myself or my husband will comment that we have forgotten she was staying with us.
Our children love her. Momma lets the kids give her gentle hugs and in return Momma gives them gentle kisses. Twig has great manners. She never jumps up, is great in her crate, and will not jump on our couch without our permission.
Momma would make a great addition to any family. She may be older but she still has so much love to give!”

Nickname(s): Twiggers
Cats: No
Small dogs: Yes
Kids: Yes
Weight: 59 lbs

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