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  • Added in November 5, 2013
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This gorgeous, smart, wiggly boy is about 12-18 months old. Howie is crate and housetrained. He is super eager to learn and then eager to show off what he knows! Great with all dogs big and small, and LOVES kids. His 3 most favorite things are eating, playing tug of war/wrestling, and cuddling (not necessarily in that order). If he’s not playing, Howie can be found curled up into a tiny ball on the bed, or if you’re on the bed, tangled up on you snoring away. Howie is affectionate and mellow, but full of energy to play in the backyard and go for walks.

Nickname(s): Hows
Cats: No
Small dogs: Yes
Kids: Yes
Weight: 58 lbs

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