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  • Added in May 23, 2013
  • Modified in August 2, 2013

Oh Farls! Farley is a 3 year old Bull Mastiff X Pit Bull. His foster home absolutely adores him. He is great with other dogs – even the Chihuahua, and ignores most cats. Farley is perfectly house and crate trained, walks like a champ on leash, and has fantastic house manners. He loves car rides and knows all his basic commands as well as a few ‘tricks’. Farley can be leery of men when he first meets them, but his love of treats helps him warm up qiuckly. Farley is looking for an experienced owner and a doggy friend or two in his new home!

Nickname(s): Farls, Farfanoogin, Fartly, Noogs, Farfy
Cats: Some
Small dogs: Yes
Kids: Older kids preferred
Weight: 85 lbs

Farley5  Farley4  Farley6  Taz,Pip&FarleyPillow,Fender&Farley  Farley7  Farley&Jango Pillow,Jango&FarleyFarley12  Farf&Pillow

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