Wilhelmina a.k.a. Willy

Oh boy do we adore this little girl!  Willy came to us after we were asked to take in some puppies of hers, who's daddy was the resident Shih Tzu!  Yes you read that right haha.  Pups found great homes and now it's momma's turn

Willy is a stocky shaped gal with ablack/seal colored coat. She has adorabull ears that add a comic effect to all her expressions.

From her foster home:

Willy is a wonderful dog looking for a couch to call her own. When she gets her turn to cuddle with foster mom n dad it takes mere seconds for the content smile to come across her face as she snuggles in. Willy has gotten the hang of home routine and crate training pretty quickly and has been learning from her foster brothers and sisters as well.

(See me, I'm the cutest one with the best ears in the group! ~Willy)

The big snow storm didn’t even phase her, she’s had a blast bombing through the snow banks chasing the boys. A very polite and joyful dog to have around the home, her foster parents are really enjoying her company.

Update on Willy :)

I cannot wait to have my very own home!! Ideally that home would have a cozy couch and bed and a yard I can run around and be silly in. I would love all the attention for myself but could happily share with a brother or sister that likes to play. For the most part I have pretty easy needs but I’m allergic to chicken so you have to get me dinner and snacks that won’t bother me. I’m a pretty upbeat happy girl and I’d love to put a smile on your face!

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