Have you ever had one of those days when you just need a hug?? This boy’s mission in life is to find that person and deliver that hug! Since the day he arrived, every volunteer has received their daily hug ( with deep eye contact 😂) from this wonderful boy.

Fawnzee has met several four legged playmates and is far more interested in his human friends although if the right girl dog came along he may be inclined to participate in a doggy romance. 💜

We believe that every dog is an individual and the best part of what we do is meeting and getting to know all these individuals. Fawnzee has been an

absolute pleasure to get to know.

Oh, he also tested 'not too shabby' when introduced to the cat. We feel Fawnzee could live with a dog savvy 🐈.

Want to chat further, ask more question, and arrange to meet this handsome boy? This is done ONLY by following the Adoption Process steps on our website, prairiepitbullrescue.com 💯👍👊✅


Prairie Pitbull

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Lethbridge, Alberta Canada

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