Almost a month ago we were called by the Piikani RCMP about a puppy in distress. We arrived to find a fluffy girl in a cloud of rotting flesh smell that had us gagging.

We realized she had had a small rhinestone collar put on when she may have been around 7 or 8 weeks that was never checked, resized, or removed all together, as she grew. The collar was deeply embedded into the flesh and tissue of her neck and was incredibly infected.

A drive straight to the vet clinic had the collar safely removed, the area shaved and scrubbed clean of all the soggy sloughing skin and flesh, and she stayed overnight on IV fluids and pain management. She was released the next afternoon on antibiotics and we couldn't believe how fast this little lady healed up.

Amber is a wonderfully happy, bouncy and sweet pup, everything she should be at six months of age. She is fostered with other dogs and a few cats and gets along with everyone.

Amber is now available for adoption! Please follow the Adoption Process steps on our website to talk directly to our adoption team about adding Amber to your home 🖤


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