You know when you meet a dog and you can just feel it's goodness and it makes you calm down, slow down and wanna snuggle? Sudo is that kinda magic, a totally amazing boy we are thrilled to be able to help onto his forever.

Hey you guys!, I am so happy to be here! Some nice folks took me in from living outside and geez, what a first winter to be stuck outside! The warmed me up, forced me to nap and I woke up a bit lighter in the back end but with all the love and food and treats, I can't really remember what was back there in the first place. Then I got picked up by the Pit-Mobile that was making its rounds in Southern Alberta that day and here I am......a kinda Pit!

All my new friends love my thick fuzz and the are letting me be a Pit, a Pseudo Pit, get it?! I've been told I have good leash manners and I am a good boy in my crate. I love to mingle with the other dogs here and when my friend Delta says its time to wrestle, I've been known to wrestle too!

I have 'Volunteer Fav' on my file and I think that is a good thing that will help me find my forever. What do you say?, is it you?

Sudo is a Young Adult dog, he has been fully vetted. He likes chilling or wrestling with other dogs. Sudo has not been cat tested.


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