Handsome Phil is now available for adoption!

Words from his foster family:

Phil is a sweet, cuddly, bouncy boy. With treats in hand, Phil knows sit, lay down, and my favorite trick... he can catch treats when I throw them 99% of the time!!! (I am overly excited about this).

His bouncy play style can be a bit much for my grumpy boy, but he and our young girlie play great together and spend hours outside.

Phil will go into his crate willingly if a treat is tossed in, and knows that when he's in there, its quiet time.

Initially, Phil was interested in checking out the cats, but very quickly loss interest and explored other areas in the house and would rather play with the other dogs or hang with his people then interact with the cats.

Loving his company and he can stay as long as he wants. 🥰

Interested in meeting Phil?, ONLY follow the Adoption Process steps on our website to chat further with our adoption team.


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