My foster mum calls me a 'beautiful hunk 'o love' and I think its a true fact in this world of fake how I need less treats cuz of the rude! won't let her write anymore!

I'm Navy, and I have been handing out with these PPBR folks for a while now. I came to them with some weird itchy stuff on my side and forehead. They poked and prodded and scraped and made me take icky pills and lotsa baths. Not sure if they tired of it all and just gave up but they say I'm better now and ready for my forever.

I would love a plus sized dog bed and couch in my forever please. Endless treats, rope toys and snuggles. I'm not looking for other friends to share my space , I am looking to be the only dog in the home and am also not looking to socialize with other dogs outside the home either, I am comfortable being single. I have been cat tested and the results are: I only chase and try to get em if they I'd be ok in a home with a very still kitty.

** Sweet Navy is finally ready to go! We wanna see her do just that!

She was with us a while because she had really crusty and oozy skin on her side and her forehead. It tested negative for fungal issues but positive for bacterial. We treated her with antibiotics and hair started to grow back. The thickening to the skin in that area lead us to think may be a weird presentation of a thyroid issue but blood came back good in that regard.

The dreaded C word was brought up so we did a skin biopsy and thank DAWG it too came back negative. The dermatological specialist had a look at the biopsy and based on her findings, we have concluded that Navy potentially had a bad sunburn that wasn't treated, and she kept getting too much sun in those areas and the body's response was to basically create scar tissue and thicken up the skin to protect it, the body is wonderful at healing itself and its us that have to catch up to it.

She has been cleared for adoption and the only thing she will miss about moving away from us is the attention she got at the vet clinic and at the PetValu store for all her baths while we tried to figure things out! She has been thoroughly spoiled!

We would love to see Navy off to a home of her own, she prefers not to share her space with other dogs that want her to engage in play and rough housing. We would also suggest a kitty-free home. She is a super easy going gal who wants to be your one 'n only.


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