This little guy is such a treat! He is bouncy and playful with everyone and everydog he meets.

Levi can get anxious around dogs that are anxious but has easily blended into his foster pack made up of males and females, large to Chihuahuas.

He has learned how to play with toys, loves stealing the stuffy skins after his foster sister guts them, and goes zooming around the house and yard showing off his newest favorite toy.

Levi also loves trying to bury or hide big items in small spaces, totally convinced they are hidden....picture above is his way of burying the bone in between the pavers! Also his favorite pink stuffy skin is always close by.

Levi is small, approx 25 pounds. Active and smart....could be too smart for some homes but would excel in an obedience class or even in some dog sports. He could also be a happy little house dog for the mellower homes but a playmate is necessary.


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