Kari is a stunning adult dog that are privileged to get to know in her journey to a new home.

She was used to being an outdoor dog but since coming into our program she has realized how great being an indoor dog really is!!

Kari is now crate trained, loves walking on leash and has great house manners.  She loves spending time outside too but the lure of the warm snuggles available inside is too hard to resist sometimes!

Kari loves getting treats and will show off her skillz for the coveted liver treats that her foster family keeps as rewards!, she will sit, speak and lay down for these treats, and sometimes she goes ahead and does all the tricks all at once!  Good Girl!

Kari has been enjoying the company of cats, other dogs and kids in her previous home and foster home.  She is a true gem of a dog.

We are not sure what breeds have gone into making her this wonderful, but if you want to meet Kari, be ready to meet a gorgeous and large chocolatey girl with loads of personality, manners and the cutest toes ever!!


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