Jack is a Great Dane and is a year old. He is double, triple, or quadruple the size of dogs you've seen and it's important to note that because of his size, his food and vet costs are also going to be double, triple or quadruple what you've seen before. Jack came to us with medical issues due to the costs involved in treating these issues and we don't feel he needs to ever deal with that again.

Sure Great Danes are popular but unless you are absolutely ready and absolutely knowledgeable about the double, triple and quadruple-ness that comes with being a Dane owner, please do not apply for Jack. Instead, enjoy his write up and photos.

From Jack's foster parents:

Having Jack as a foster dog is like having a gangly teenage boy. Awkward, silly and clumsy but so adorable, we wouldn’t trade our time with him for anything!

Jack absolutely loves both people and dogs. Our boys were playmates with him from the get go, the girls, both older, took time to warm up to him but are great friends as well. He is fairly well mannered in the home and very respectful of his foster parents when asked to not rest his head on the kitchen counter 😂 for example.

Having a structured regiment has been very beneficial for him, he really enjoys his quiet/nap time. Jack loves some cuddle time on the couch but takes up two spaces so you will need a big couch! He is really a genuinely happy go lucky boy (house donkey) that is a pleasure to have around.

Back to some extra info: Jack came to us with raised areas/patches on his feet and elbows as well as what seemed to be a botched etropian surgery (this is a corrective procedure done when the dogs eyelid skin rolls in and the fine hairs on the skin scratch and irritate the ever loving hell out of the eyeball, your eyes squinty yet?) Our vets happened to be the ones that did the surgery and they were baffled with how it healed and backed their work of course and Jack went in for a second surgery. While he was out we had biopsies taken and sent away to figure out what the raised patches were all about.

His eye surgery went well but the healing process was horrid. He was infected and swollen and everyone was frustrated. That's when we got the results of the biopsies back and out frustration had a name: Canine Calcinosis Circumscripta.

Basically wherever clumsy Jack hits his feet, toes and elbows on when he's flailing around the house and yard, this condition sends calcium deposits there which cause raised patches that can ooze. The condition also causes his skin to react badly to any area of trauma such as his eye surgery. The first surgery wasn't botched, our vets are way too good for that!, But rather it is this CCC that caused the incision lines to thicken and become uber irritated. The second surgery and the diagnosis of this condition allowed us to be more proactive and get him on strong antibiotics and eye drops and extra love and couch cuddles and he healed wonderfully. His neuter site didn't flair up near as bad but he was on meds the entire time.

Long term, anyone interest MUST read the link and you WILL have questions, you should if you are serious about adopting Jack and we will answer your questions or refer you to the vet team that have more answers too.


In short, Jack is a Donkey. He will stumble and fall and bruise himself and get the raised patches. Right now he is totally clear and looks absolutely amazing. Read the link if you are serious, then email in to our adoption team by following the Adoption Process steps on our website.

Jack is currently 114 pounds.


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