Hi, my name is Hobo a.k.a "Mr. Magoo", "c'mon", and "grandpa"

I love food, tug of war, chew toys, and sleeping! ...did I mention food?

I don't particularly like being told human food is for humans; that thing called cheese smells like it would taste good!

I'd love to have a loving forever mom and dad in my new home... they're the ones with the food, right?

My foster home thinks I'm silly because of the zoomies I get when they first come home from work! I like to think I should carry my own leash around the house so they know it's walk time.

I'd need to work on my walking skills in my new home. I thought "walk" meant "play" when we approach other dogs.

Hobo is a fun loving goofy dork of a boy who is great at cuddling and can live as the only dog but ideally he would have another dog in the home OR a no pet home that has the ability to keep him socialized with other dogs. Hobo has not been cat tested.


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