Dude is a 10 month old Rotti. He was not given great steps in his previous home to set him up for success so while we are trying to play catch up with this handsome boy, he is showing to be very sweet and just as eager to learn all the things he should know by now.

Dude was never taken out of his home for his entire puppyhood, not introduced to new people or new dogs, he was also not taken to puppy class or trained while in his home. As he grew and became bigger and more hyper as he is such a friendly boy....he became a nuisance to his family and was very much ignored. Thankfully the realized that he really wasn't a good match for the family and he was surrendered.

Dude has been caught up on his vetting and is being shown all the love and patience he needs right now. He's been a total dream and we will continue to work with exposing him to the world and showing him gentle expectations and guiding him to become a wonderful Rotti.

We will be making Dude available for adoption on November 16th, at that time, if you are interested in adopting Dude, you simply must follow the Adoption Process steps to get in touch with our adoption team directly with any additional questions you may have and to see if he will be a good match for your family.


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