"Hi, my name is Cory! I've decided I absolutely love the house life and would like to request a home of my very own!

My fosters keep saying how smitten they are with my looks and intelligence; in the first week alone I have shown them I can quickly learn to stop counter surfing, sit to be leashed, walk nicely (for the most part haha), stay in my kennel all night quietly, and I'm learning to 'wait!' Now if only jumping up when I get excited were as easy to tame 😆

Some say toys are where all the fun is at, but I'm not much a toy man myself. I prefer those belly rubs, can I request those in my new home too please!? They are amazing, I just can't get enough!!

I'd also do amazing as an only dog or with a partner in crime I can get my zoomies out with.

I can't wait for cuddles and belly rubs! Can you please be the one to provide them?!"


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