SID!!! Sid's foster home has this to say about him: 'Love this guy! I know I say that about all my fosters, but it's true!

Sid has only been here a few weeks, but has won the hearts of both girls. Him and panda like to mirror each others play poses, while Holly enjoys running continuous circles with him around the yard and rough housing.

Sid completely ignores the cats, he honestly couldn't care less about what they are, or what they're doing.

We are working on Sid's listening skills, as he has a short attention span and just wants to see what everyone is... SQUIRREL!!... up to. He is just a teenager so some distraction is only natural, but he is so willing and eager to learn too

He is quiet in his crate, and goes in willingly. Sids has been great around the kids and doesnt jump up on them at all and loves to snuggle in on the couch with them for cartoons ❤️'


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