• Vaccines: Vaccinated
  • Hair: Short
  • Colors:
  • Pattern: Solid
  • Added: November 20, 2012 - 11:37 am
  • Updated: January 5, 2013 - 10:21 am

This handsome boy is Ducky. Ducky is about 11 months old and is a very special boy. Ducky was born with ‘water on his brain’ which causes him to have poor balance, a hard time doing the stairs, to fall over often, and have a hard time getting up when he’s laying down. Despite him sometimes struggling to get around, Ducky is a very patient boy and requires little to no help, he always gets going on his own. Ducky is full of life and has a clean bill of health from the vet. He will never be ‘normal’, but he is expected to live a long and happy life. Ducky is great with other dogs of all sizes, but some dogs don’t like him because he stumbles into them often. He is great with kids and is the best snuggler around. Duck does not do well with cats. Ducky is house and crate trained and loves to play!

Nickname(s): Duck Duck Dog, Duckman
Cats: No
Small dogs: Yes
Kids: Yes
Weight: 55 lbs



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11 Comments to “Ducky”

  1. AndreaB says:

    what a beautiful boy~!!

  2. Nelly says:

    Awe he is perfect!

  3. Gord donny says:

    Hello just was wondering if ducky was still up for adoption

  4. Joe says:

    Such a cute dog. I love the Pitbull breed.

  5. Rhonda and Haylee says:

    Where is Ducky? Is he still up for adoption and can we please meet him to see if we would be considered to be eligible to adopt the very handsome boy. He would have a great life as I own a doggy daycare/educational/grooming centre and we just lost our beloved odalicious a rescue from New York which broke my families and my heart. We are looking for a forever friend, but it is vital that he/she can fit into our lifestyle plus that we fit into hers or his way of handling life.

    • Jenn says:

      Ducky is currently being fostered in Red Deer, and he is still looking for his forever home. Please fill out an application if you are interested in adopting. :)

  6. james says:

    hi, I would like to know if Ducky is still up for adoption. How is he with larger dogs? And is he a high energy dog? Thanks

    • Jenn says:

      Ducky is still looking for his forever home. He is great with larger sized dogs and loves to play. He’s a young boy, so I wouldn’t say he’s high energy, but he’s sure does love to play and go for walks.

  7. Nichole says:

    I instantly fell in love! Do you guy adopt out of province to Manitoba?
    I’m very interested! And I am very experienced with the bully breed too.

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