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Are all of the dogs good with kids?

We are not trying to be annoying or coy but, "we don't know, we have never met your kids".....this is simply because when our foster dogs are included in a foster family wherein kids live....their interaction is supervised and controlled. Often, the kids in foster families have lived with dogs their whole lives and they regularly interact with new foster dogs. Not that this makes those kids better in any way, but they are not overly excited to meet new dogs, they are calm and cool about it because yeah, its just another dog, its not a good test as to the kid-tolerance-level of the dogs in our program. Your kids however, can be just as cool and calm about it, but most kids come to our events like they just came from snorting a line of pixie stix dust and are ready to take on Disneyland or BUST!!! If we see your kid hanging off our dogs at an event or doing a running approach, our volunteers will without a doubt be asking your child to go back to mom/dad, or we will ask you very directly to control your child.....we totally understand that dogs are fun and kids love to pet and hug and kiss dogs, but in order for our dogs to show control around these happy little tykes, you, the parent, have to have control over them. When considering a dog for your family, talk to our adoption team honestly about your kids, the apple of your eye, don't brag, be honest about your kid's energy level and we promise to be able to make a match. If your 3 year old is all about crashing his trucks together and stomping around, we have dogs that can deal with that. Your 6 year old loves laying on the floor arranging Legos....we have Lego-loving beasts! For the 8 year olds who are big into gaming, we have those couch potatoes that will happily lay there while the games commence! We can make magic happen, but the onus is on YOU, the parent! You MUST be there, you must go slow, you must control your excited little one who wants to hug all the puppies.
Are our dogs good with kids?......they can be......Are your kids good with dogs? bet they can be.

How old is the dog?

Over 80% of the dogs that come through our program each year are strayed from shelters. And it's due to that fact, we also can't tell you 'what's she crossed with?', another question we are formulating a response for :) We would love to unlock that secret part of each dog and get our own questions answered, but that gets to stay a secret, and we get to accept them and love them for what they are in the here and now. If you want a puppy, we call dogs puppies when they are in the 8 week to 10-month range due to the amount of care and training this range needs. If you want an adult, we are going to chat your ear off about all the magnificent beasts in our care ranging in that wonderful guesstimated age of 10 months to 6 years. And yes, the condition of their teeth does hint at age, but their level of nutrition as a wee pup also plays into the condition of their teeth as adults. If you are looking for our most special and endearing, the elderbulls, we are pimping out the frosted faces ranging in age from about 7 til 10 years of age, and over of course. Age doesn't have a lot to do with how a dog will fit into your family. We have 10 year olds that will run circles around the 3 year olds and then we have the 'old soul' 1 year olds who spend more time in the Lazy Boy than grama! We adopt dogs to families, a match is a match, be open for any number, we don't ask your age and base which dogs will be a match based on that!

How can I help you help more dogs?

Prairie Pitbull Rescue is 100% donation funded by people like you. If you would like to contribute, we greatly appreciated it. You can donate here:

Interested in hosting a fundraising event?

Stores/businesses looking to host an adoption event or fundraiser, email us at [email protected] to speak to a volunteer.

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