PPBR goes to FBR!

Natalie and I, along with 9 other volunteers, were lucky enough to be able to visit the Fresno Bully Rescue for 3 days in July. We got to hang out with their gorgeous Pibbles, dedicated volunteers and of course enjoy the beautiful weather! So much fun!!!

FBR  FBRheadtilt  FBRJon&Hardy  FBRtruck FBRjenn&Tacey  FBRwalkingdogs  NatalieJennBowie  FBRBarb&BonBon FBRChas&Jack  FBRNJBJ  FBRNatalie  FBRRand FBRTheresa&Bowie  FBRMissy&Jeff  FBRVInce  FBRCurly&Ray

 We also got to visit some of the local animal shelters. It was hard for us to see the dogs in the cages, some terrified, others pregnant, some with new litters of pups, and some completely shut down. Some of the dogs were covered in ticks, most without a blanket to sleep on, some too young to know what love is and others old enough to miss the families they love so deeply.  They spend all their time locked in a cage, no walks, no outdoor runs. We couldn’t touch them, hold them or tell them they were loved.  It was the first time Natalie and I were unable to help. Unable to save a life. Having to walk away, knowing that 75% of the dogs we saw will be euthanized before finding forever families, was absolutely devastating.  

FBRshelter  FBRshelter2  FBRshelter3  FBRshelter4 FBRshelter5  FBRshelter6  FBRshelter7  FBRshelter8

 We also got to meet Enzo! The horribly abused pup that was left to die in an abandoned home in Fresno. FBR was able rescue Enzo from certain death. He has such an amazing spirit, so full of love, that every single of one us fell head over heels in love with him. It’s still unclear what the severe mange, secondary skin infections, and being emaciated has done to his organs, but we all know that he knows he is finally safe and very much loved.

 FBREnzo&Ray  FBRezno  FBREnzo2 FBRenzo3 FBREnzo4

A HUGE thank you to FBR from all of us for letting us hang out with you for a few days! We all had a blast!! Can’t wait to do it all over again!







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  1. We LOVED having you and were so happy that you came to help us and got to see first hand the over population problem we have in the Central Valley. Our local animal control shelters need a lot of help to change and become more humane. Every visit to their facilities aids in gaining awareness of the need for spay/neuter and responsible homes. Thank you so much again! We hope to see you again soon!

  2. Barb says:

    It really was one of the most amazing experiences I have had! I am truly thankful to PPBR for inviting me! I hope to do it again someday!!

  3. Julia says:

    You all do a great work as dog rescue and their life saving needs a huge stock of love, kindness and patience! I`m delighted with you cause you make everyone not only symphathyze with a problem of animal abuse, but also “carry the ball” and help you. Thank you so much for your job and I wish you to have as much helpers as it possible for doing your great piece of work!

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